La Fleur talks about the importance of hearing protection

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During the warm Ibicencan summer we met up with Sanna La Fleur Engdahl, better Known as La Fleur. She is a Swedish DJ/Producer, Pacha Ibiza resident and label manager of Power Plant Records

La Fleur playing at Junction 2 UK

ILE: Sanna, welcome back to Ibiza! Thank you for taking to time to speak with us. How are you?

La Fleur: You are very welcome. I’m good, thank you.

ILE: That’s good to hear! Obviously, in this interview, we will be talking about hearing conservation and the risks of sound. Music-induced hearing damage and Tinnitus are widely known and also an ignored problem within the music industry. Due to your busy tour schedule, you are exposed to a lot of sound and noise in general. Not only in the clubs but also during the flights. What do you do to conserve your hearing?

La Fleur: I usually use earplugs. You know, these ones that you use, especially made for your ears, where you can choose different filters to cut off the frequencies and decibels.

ILE: You mean customized earplugs?

La Fleur: Yes, customized earplugs. I’m very careful, I freak out if I forget them. I use them before my sets and after. But when I’m playing, I usually don’t.

ILE: And why is this?

La Fleur: Well, I tried but it takes a bit of time to get used to. So, I had gigs when I was actually using them, and then I took them out. Because it’s not the same feeling wearing them when you’re mixing and hearing the music. But it is a really good thing to use, I know people using them and it is of course possible. I’m also conscious of the sound levels over the monitors. When I’m flying, I’m using noise cancellation headphones or earplugs. So, I try my best because I am aware of this and that’s been the case for many years.

ILE: Good, you’re already using the word consciousness. That is the cause of our campaign! We found that you had a job as a Pharmacist. Is that correct?

La Fleur: Yes, I have a masters degree in Pharmaceutical Science and was working as a Pharmacist for a couple of years before going full time with the music.

ILE: So, you’ve more knowledge about the human body than most of the people around. Is this also influencing your consciousness about hearing damage?

La Fleur: Maybe. My father is also a doctor, so of course, I grew up in that kind of world. However, my first experience with tinnitus was through a friend of mine. His little brother got tinnitus when he visited the cinema and he was very young, probably at the age of seven. So that was, of course, a major problem that got to my attention. Thinking wow, you can actually get tinnitus, just by going to the cinema. Of course, back then, people were not so aware of Tinnitus as we are now. Due to this I always thought about him and how he suffered from it. So, yes it’s always been something I’m aware of, whether I have a background in Pharmacy or not.

ILE: Do you think people should care about Tinnitus also within education?

La Fleur: Yes. I mean if you get an education, as I did, of course, you talk about Tinnitus. In this case about the whole body and it’s autonomy. I think especially nowadays there is more awareness about Tinnitus because it’s a big problem and not reversible usually. I believe it’s super important to educate music fans because it can affect a big part of your life in a negative way.

ILE: Ibiza Loves Ears also promotes to live a more conscious lifestyle. How does your background as a pharmacist influence your day-to-day choices in living a more conscious lifestyle while doing this work?

La Fleur: Well, I grew up in a family very mindful of health and good food. My parents were early on into organic food and stuff like that. So, I think I got that knowledge already while growing up, and I enjoyed it. I believe it’s important for everybody and not only for yourself. So yes, I try to eat and stay healthy in general, both my mind and body are happier that way.

ILE: We surely agree on that! Do you notice a difference between the masculine and feminine energy in making conscious choices within our industry?

La Fleur: Perhaps, but I think that both men and women these days are actually conscious about what they are eating and how they live. It’s trending, ecological/vegan/vegetarian diets, so I think people are more aware about what they eat and the choices they make when it comes to food and lifestyle.

ILE: When we think about Sweden, Techno music has become like big brands as Knäckebröd and IKEA for example.

La Fleur: Hahah! Yeah..

ILE: Are the Swedish ravers and clubbers aware of the risks of loud music? Do you see them using hearing protection?

La Fleur: Not sure, I feel like a lot of people are using some sort of hearing protection when they go out. Also, I know that a lot of clubs in Stockholm have limiters, so they can’t play over a certain decibel to save people’s ears that way.

ILE: You had a residency in Pacha this summer during the nights of Hot Since 82, also a tinnitus sufferer unfortunately, how do you look back on the past couple of months?

La Fleur: It’s always an intense touring schedule during the summer with my residencies, gigs in Ibiza and festivals. I played at Fusion for the first time, played MELT again and the Drumcode Festival in Amsterdam to name a few. Recently I also celebrated the ‘Förbindelse’ release out on Sasha’s label ‘Last Day On Earth’, which included a collaboration with Sasha himself. So, I’m happy with this and what is coming up for 2019!

ILE: Last but not least. Could you give a quote or a conscious advice to your fan base and the people who read this interview?

La Fleur: Yes, take care of your ears and protect your hearing!

ILE: Sanna, thank you very much again and we will be following you via your socials (link to FB, IG, TW). Last but not least here is a present: Thunderplugs with a keychain so you always have an extra spare of earplugs for on the road!

La Fleur: Thank you!


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