ACS Custom & Ibiza Loves Ears partner up with the DJ Awards Ibiza

DJ Awards Ibiza celebrates their 20th anniversary in Hï Ibiza!

Everything is ready for the annual DJ Awards ceremony, which this year celebrates its twentieth edition on a new stage, at the most talked about new venue to hit the island this year, Hï Ibiza.

Celebrating 19 years of award winning artists, this year we will continue to honour the DJs and the electronic music industry who have stood out during 2017. This end of season reunion, is always a good excuse to get together and enjoy our final time together under one roof before everyone goes off onto the winter projects. DJ Awards will be presented in this special 20th anniversary, awards representing the different musical genres, these music category winners were chosen by public vote, whilst the other Special Industry Awards were decided by a panel of electronic music professionals.

Our partner ACS Custom is the proud sponsor of these 2017 edition: “For over 20 years ACS has been dedicated to hearing conservation and protecting the ears of DJs, musicians and music lovers alike across the planet. It’s great to see a change in culture and support from the dance music industry in raising awareness of the  important issues of Music Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus, which is 100% preventable by using high quality hearing protection (earplugs).  ACS is proud to sponsor the DJ Awards 2017 in collaboration with the local consciousness campaign: Ibiza Loves Ears. We are happy to celebrate the 20th anniversary and wish them another safe and successful event.” – Jono Heale [Director of Partnerships]

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