Almost 1 in 5 children in Rotterdam (NL) has permanent hearing damage

Almost one in five Rotterdam children between 9 and 11 years live with a form of hearing loss. At one in the twelve this might be even permanent This is result of a large-scale research on ‘Generation R’ research by the Erasmus MC.

The researchers took a hearing test with more than 5,000 children. In a small proportion of the children the hearing loss was found to be innate. However a much larger group lost hearing in their young years.

For some of the childrenthe diagnose was a temporary loss, for example, due to a cold or ear infection. Estimated is that 8 percent of children have permanent hearing loss, the regional broadcaster Rijnmond writes.


Researcher Carlin le Clercq mentions that percentage is alarming. “Certainly, if you think that puberty, which we expect them to suffer from hearing loss through loud music in the disco or at music festivals, should still come.”

Hearing loss is a major problem worldwide. At a young age, children can hamper their development. This can lead to less good performance at school for example.

The Generation R research, which is part of this study, follows the growth, development and health of Rotterdam children from early pregnancy to young adulthood.


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